One of the things which I have consistently been involved in is discussions about the purpose of our lives.

Mostly by chance and my natural inclination to alliterate I have discovered over 30 key words related to discovering our purpose that all begin with the letter P. For a taster these include: Prophecy, planning, passion, preparation and so on.

So this is the beginning of a simple series. P is for purpose.

Before I delve into the P’s let me take a brief look at Purpose.

Purpose is without a doubt a big word in our world today and can feel an almost impossible journey of discovery. It hasn’t always been that complicated, in fact if we go back a few hundred years all we needed to do was to take a look at our family name and follow our Dad to work. Actually that may not be a bad idea after all. Find out who we are and follow our Dad to work, but of course it is not always that simple.

Knowing who we are has however become a common theme in churches and ministry schools across the world. Jesus knew who he was and so should we, he was constantly declaring who he was with the beautiful phrases starting with I Am. Secondly he declared often what he came to do. I came to serve not to be served, I came to seek and to save and finally he knew where he was going. The sum total of these amounts to his destiny or purpose and so it should be with us. Who are we, our identity, what are we here for, our purpose and finally where are we heading, our destiny journey.

As we embark on these discoveries lets remind ourselves who we are. We are sons and daughters of God our heavenly father, creator and sovereign being. There is none like Him. He sent His son to us to fulfill His purposes and so as we align in relationship with him we discover our purpose in His.

P is for purpose. I look forward to journeying with you.