We live in an era where there is a new form of slavery. many have taken hold of this as a personal mission for their lives. It is the plague of sex slavery and sex trafficking. It is reminding us all of the incredible example of William Wilberforce who himself abolished slavery.

The awareness of a plague which needs to be brought to an end is undoubtedly a major motivator for many of us as we consider the purpose for our lives and it doesn’t stop there. Wilberforce went beyond ending something, he actually changed the culture. Lets believe that those called to end sex trafficking will not just achieve this but will change the culture which actually empowered this plague.

Let me give a simple definition of what I mean by the word plague in this context.

Injustice, disease or ill-treatment which can and should be ended by revelation, intervention and education.

I will not even try to be exhaustive but plagues include:

  • Famine
  • Lack of clean water
  • Cancer
  • Racism

What plague affects you, what documentaries bring tears to your eyes, what heroes inspire you in the way in which they addressed a plague in their day.

Make no mistake this call to bring justice with compassion is a powerful driving force towards finding your purpose.