Administration’s Time Has Come! (Mastering Kingdom Administration)

Administrations time has come is a clarion call. As we desire and seek revival and reformation it is essential that Kingdom minded administrators are raised up to ensure that the benefits we experience are passed on to the next generation without loss of power or purpose in order for this to happen we need to understand the place of sonship, power, and presence in the administrator’s tool bag.

Divine Order (Mastering Kingdom Administration)

Divine order is a revelatory book for the administrator and leader. The great opportunity outlined in this book is to steward the tension of bringing heaven to earth and tomorrow into today. Entrepreneurs, creatives, and visionaries all use the tension in some way or another to advance their work. It should be no different for leaders and managers, his tension gives access to energy, energy enables movement, and movement brings life.

Creating a Culture of Increase (Mastering Kingdom Administration)

Creating a Culture of Increase combines an understanding of the power of culture & the biblical promise of increase. In a practical & empowering revelation Paul demonstrates that the culture of control has a Kingdom opposite which releases the keys to increase. This book will give context to the power of identity, honour, authenticity, prophecy in our organisations.