One of my favorite preachers has said many times recently that the way to find your purpose is to find your people and on the way there to serve the people that God gives you or puts you with. It actually forms a part of a larger principle and that is to faithfully do what is in front of you. In this case it is people who you can serve. Who you are put with on the way to a greater purpose is a key to understanding what that purpose might entail. Being faithful to serve those who may not be ‘your people’ will likely be an apprenticeship and who knows they may even become ‘your’ people.

After I was ‘called’ to the ministry I was given the invaluable advice to gain some experience of working with people. Little did I know that would be a 25 year journey, but I am grateful for it. In my case the discovery of my P is for people was as broad as People. Ultimately leading me to my mission statement of: Changed Lives – Changed Organizations – Changed Nations. Good advice though that was and great the experience of people which I gained there was also a more intimate connection to people which I sought alongside.

I remember the early days of being at Bethel Church. I felt that I had heard the echo of my tribe all of my life. There was a drum beat inside of me and finally I had met my tribe. I felt it then and I feel it now but I also see that finding my people to belong to is but one part of the discovery.

Finding your tribe, your family is really important as we pursue our purpose. Of course there is our ‘blood’ family but in addition it is important to seek our tribe so to speak. Something happens when you do, there are shared passions, language, traditions and that feeling that they get you and value you for who you are. Out of this your best can be called out.

In addition there is also the growing realization for many of the people to whom they are drawn. I had some difficulty with this as I felt drawn to certain groups of people and had to ask myself why and whether it was healthy or not. Then one day Bill Johnson was teaching about how Jesus was attracted to sinners. It got me thinking. Do we have an attraction to people for whom we have the answer. I have over the years found myself drawn to people who are dying and to be honest started asking myself why but this revelation relating to Jesus began to set me free. I now see that I am drawn to people for whom I have something or know that I have faith for something which God has for them. The more I am aware of this, the more I feel drawn by them as they it seems recognize what I carry.

Prophetic words or declarations have also helped me to discover my people. In fact I now have one related to the dying, a prophecy that I will pursue.

  • Who ‘gets’ you?
  • Who makes you come alive?
  • Who are you drawn to?
  • Who do you have the answer (or part of) for?

Find your people, to do life with, to serve and to learn from. It will bring you life and purpose.