Why Invite Paul

Paul’s brand is diversity. From teaching on the father’s heart and sonship, to leadership and evangelism he will bring a message which changes lives, organizations and nations. Invite him to:

  • Evangelistic events
  • Leadership training and strategic planning
  • Schools of Ministry
  • Destiny Discovery workshops and schools
  • Marketplace Ministry teaching, training and encouraging.
  • Medical Healing
  • Minister in your local church
  • Regional gatherings of leaders

How to invite Paul

Thank you for inviting Paul to minister at your church or event! Please fill in the form below and Paul and his team will prayerfully consider each request.  A member of his team will contact you as to whether or not he will be able to visit your venue.

Invite Paul


1. Contact Person

2. Event Details

Paul sometimes travels with students from our Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Would host homes be available for these students?

3. Requested Dates

4. Connection with Bethel

5. Additional Information