Matthew 16:19. Jesus said he would give the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven

Matthew 5:13. Salt and Light verse

FAITH (Different Rules)

Q: What impossible situations are around you or are you drawn to.

Q: What step of faith are you being invited to take.

Abraham is the Father of faith, but he never found the city.

“If you have men who will only come if they know there is a good road, I don’t want them. I want men who will come if there is no road at all.” – David Livingstone.

PROPHECY (Different Map)

Prophecy is an encounter with God who knows the future.

The nature of the Gospel IS Prophetic.

1 Timothy 1:18. Take the prophetic words and with them fight. They are not for defense in a crisis but to pursue your future.

Q: What prophetic word are you pursuing.

Get hungry for prophetic words that make you ‘nervous.’

ANOINTING (We are different)

Christian = Little anointed one

Anointing makes us different. 1 Samuel 16:11-18

You are anointed. 1 John 2:27

Q: What are you anointed for

TIME (Different Clock)

Matthew 16:3. We should understand the times from heaven’s perspective

Esther 4:14. If we were born for such a time as this. What time is it.

Q: What time is it for you.


Luke 15: 3

Q: Have you been an elder brother

Q: What will you be jealous for

MORE: (Different Hunger)

Exodus 33:18. Show me your Glory

John 14:12. We will do greater works.

Q: What are you hungry for

CRY: (Make a difference)

Psalm 42: Deep cries unto deep.

Psalm 4:3: He hears our cry.

Matthew 3:2-3. Our cry prepares the way of the Lord.

Q: What is your cry.