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Paul Manwaring has filled his life with varied and valuable experience. Through careers in nursing, prison management & church leadership he has given himself to: Loving & caring, managing and leading, teaching and preaching, coaching and consulting.

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  • individuals to find purpose, identity and direction,
  • Organisations to find vision for their future and strategies and culture to fulfil their potential,

and for the kingdom to be advanced by the erasing of the secular/sacred divide and the commissioning of world changers, whoever they are, whatever they do and wherever they go.

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Our world is challenged by an unhealthy view of identity, relationships, value for life, truth and goodness, and distorted views of beauty, to name a few. The answer, the heart of the matter, is that we turn our hearts back to the Father, and restore the relationships of the children to their fathers. As we turn to God and allow Him to heal our hearts, we will become the fathers we were always meant to be.

Paul Manwaring - Things Fathers Do

Honour is both the desire and the ability to recognise Glory in others

Paul Manwaring - What on Earth is Glory

Maybe you have never thought of resignation as being from the enemy, and maybe it isn’t always, but a spirit of resignation certainly is. Not until we can say, “It is finished,” and breathe our last, should we resign. Until then, re-sign. Look around you. There will be a place for you to use the strength that you have gained in battle and offer it to someone who is in the heat of his or her own.

Paul Manwaring - Kisses from a good God

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Faith and the Apostolic

Faith is by its very nature connected to the unseen. The struggle of faith and with faith is very often that we lose sight of its nature.We allow ourselves to review our faith in the light of what we haven’t seen as a result of our prayers or what has happened to us.


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