When Moses argued with God about being the wrong guy for the job, I have often quipped that God was saying, “Are you kidding me Moses, its not easy to get you rescued so that you could live in a palace.” As I was preaching the other day in His People, Jo’Berg, I said something which I had not thought before: Moses spent 40 years caring for sheep and would most probably have learned to butcher a sheep during those years. This was an experience which prepared a man who, in his palace life, had never had to do such a thing with the essential knowledge required to instruct the people of Israel how to prepare the Passover Lamb.

It is true of my life and yours that God got you ready. He wastes nothing, even though some of your experiences He didn’t send and you would rather have missed some. As our lives are surrendered, He will take what you may have forgotten or never valued for kingdom benefit, and He will make something great out of it for the kingdom.