(Companion worksheets to TBN Presents Paul Manwaring)


1. Even Job could say “I know that my redeemer lives.” Job 19:25

2. God is not just creator, who allows things, relationships and circumstances to spiral into decay & decline. His very nature is to mend broken things.

Hosea 6: 1-2

3. Not only does he mend, repair and restore, he makes things better than they were before.

4. The Japanese art form of Kintsugi

5. Steve Witt in his book ‘Your Prophetic Life Map’ talks of the garden mandate. He identifies 5 key elements and these will give us a  pattern to be restored to:

Tend & Keep

Not good to be alone

Time with God

Be fruitful & multiply

Fill, subdue, & rule

6. Sin separated us from this mandate, but in Jesus we are redeemed and therefore restored to it.




7. BIG WORD of the week: REDEEMER. 

Our western culture can miss the depth of meaning of this word. The Israelites would have understood it to mean someone who pays the ransom to set them free, got them to a safe/sanctuary place, and remained as sovereign protector for the rest of their lives. When God redeems, he makes it possible for us to become what we were intended to be and he makes good out of every circumstance which he touches.

8. QUESTION of the week

Which of the 5 ‘patterns of the garden’ is your greatest challenge at the moment.

What action will you take to increase in that area.

NOTE: (It is not good to be alone)At such challenges times, many find themselves alone. I encourage everyone to reach out to someone, the beauty of our modern world is that even from isolation we can communicate with others.

9. DECLARATION of the week.

I know that my REDEEMER lives.

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