All subscribers to SENT and SEND will receive a monthly coaching newsletter. This is an example using the outline of Whiteboard Coaching which I have been developing, teaching and practising for over 10 years.

I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce SENT and SEND students to this coaching resource. It works, I know it does as I regularly meet people who refer to their WHITEBOARD COACHING MOMENT as significant in their journey.

Using simple Kingdom principles I will guide everyone on a journey of personal discovery and lead them on one of five coaching journeys.

There will be opportunity on the monthly on line school to ask questions and see sections of it demonstrated with students. The online community will also give opportunity to share testimonies of how this has brought insight, breakthrough and ‘AHA’ moments.

This resource alone is well worth the £10 a month subscription to SENT and SEND.

School – Resources – Community – Coaching.

In addition I will be creating similar coaching newsletters for Strategic Planning and Organisation Coaching. These are suitable for individuals, small businesses, churches and other organisations providing supporting resources based on Kingdom principles.

For more information go to:
I look forward to leading and guiding you on your NEXT STEP Journey individually or for leading teams and organisations.