To all the christians who have struggled to find their place in church and life. The reformers, revivalists and renaissance men and women who have sometimes compared themselves with those ‘paid to go to church’ and felt less valuable to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The doctors and carers, the teachers and the civil servants, the social workers and the builders and makers of homes, houses and families.

To the mothers and fathers who stay at home to raise the next generation.

To the ones whose dedication is to making life better for others, the government leaders, police and emergency workers, the entrepreneurs, and creatives.

You are the SENT ONES. Sent from heaven to earth and through the church sent to expand heavens influence on earth.

You are needed. Graphic designers with moral character, computer scientists who understand ethics, truth and philosophy.

This book is dedicated to you. A field guide for SENT ONES. An apostolic assignment for those who have not felt empowered by an apostle, but sometimes only felt valued for what they do in church.

Thank you for bringing change to your world. Making history one family meal at a time. 

Don’t compare, believe your story, go to church, be the church but do not fret if your call takes you to work outside of the church. For it is heaven on earth we pray for and a whole earth, not just a church filled with his glory.

Only a fully empowered family of believers can achieve this.

We need you.

This is for you.

I hope that you enjoy it and that it will change the way you think about yourself, your assignment, and your contribution to the expansion of His Kingdom through you.

Available on Amazon and as a Kindle.

There is also a free 42 session Devotional on my social media.