A field guide to the apostolic for every believer.

As I have now posted a few blogs under the heading of SENT, I thought that I would give you sight of the full contents list. My plan is to release one every few days. I believe that every believer should be apostolic; sent ones. 


As I develop these materials I realise that the apostolic is leadership. The first Apostle Jesus, leads many sons to Glory. It is servant leadership, adding heaven’s strength to every other gift, adding Kingdom focus to every vision. Heaven to church, church to world, the whole earth filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God.

If ever the world needs leaders, who lead from heaven to earth, surely it is now.

The purpose of these blogs is to raise awareness of the apostolic and to commission every believer. 

Here is the list of 42 blogs.

Introduction & Series Links.

1. Definition: apostolic

a. You are apostolic

b. What is apostolic

c. What is an apostolic culture

d. First Apostles

e. Apostolic families

f. Apostolic covering

g. Maintaining apostolic

2. Ephesians & The 5 – Fold

a. Ephesians 4

b. Apostle

c. Prophet

d. Evangelist

e. Pastor

f. Teacher

g. Unity

3. Big Picture

a. Builds on the foundation of others

b. Revival

c. Reformation

d. Renaissance

e. What time is it

f. Secularism

g. Change

4. Organisational


b. Organisations

c. Dynamics of kingdom organisations

d. Accountability

e. Relational Government

f. Empower

g. Excellence

5. Lifestyle

a. Inner healing

b. Endurance

c. Mystery

d. Justice

e. Supernatural

f. Worship

g. Hope & faith

6. Individual

a. Sent

b. Sonship

c. Big people

d. Market place

e. Destiny

f. Dreams

g. Discipleship