AIM: For the simple truth that God Wastes Nothing and Gets You Ready to be a part of your thinking on a daily basis.

1. The well known and often quoted Romans 8:28 says that ‘ALL things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to his purpose.’

2. I love this verse and have personally paraphrased it to become one of my life phrases: He Wastes Nothing & He Gets You Ready

3. This is a truly transformative mindset.

4. God’s nature is that he will do at least two things with our past. 

He is Redeemer, and so he will redeem the low points, failures, and disappointments as we surrender them to him.

He also takes our victories and testimonies and desires that they be repeated. Revelation 19:11: The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

5. Another verse which encourages us in the area of purpose is Jeremiah 29:11: ‘plans for welfare and not calamity, to give you a future and a hope.’ What a great promise this is.

6. My personal life journey of working as a nurse, prison governor, training in strategic planning and many other areas has given me great confidence to believe that ‘he wastes nothing and he gets you ready.’ I constantly have opportunities to use my life’s experiences in unusual and surprising scenarios.

BIG WORD of the week: PURPOSE

It is of great fascination to me that the greek word from which purpose is translated in the New Testament is the same word from which shewbread (bread of the presence) is translated. I am careful how I emphasis this as am not a language expert, but I love the thought that being in the presence and purpose are related in some way linguistically

BIG QUESTION of the week: As you reflect on your life so far is there one area, event, circumstance, which you have not allowed God to redeem, to put value in and bring it into the present.

DECLARATION of the WEEK: He wastes nothing and he gets me ready.