(Companion worksheets to TBN Presents Paul Manwaring)

EPISODE 9. Everyday Priests with Purpose

AIM: That everyone knows they are an essential part of the body of Christ & the advancement of His Kingdom (heaven) on earth.

1. One of the great enemies of our souls and therefore purpose is comparison with others.

2. ‘“Whats your best discovery?” asked the Mole. “That I’m enough as I am,” said the boy.In Charlie Mackesy’s Book: The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

3. In Isaiah 61, a passage also read by Jesus (Luke 4) we see an extraordinary sequence:

Captives & prisoners are set free.

Brokenhearted are healed. 

These all have their emotions and life perspective transformed and then they, not the anointed one who is writing, become the ones who rebuild ancient ruins, raise up former devastations, and repair ruined cities.

And they are called the priests of the Lord.

This sequence should encourage us all.

4. Not only are we significant but we have also been sent. John 17:18. As the father sent me so I send you.

5. A rough estimate suggests that 97% of people who attend church are not paid to go to church. If those 97% feel less valuable than they perceive the ‘paid’ church workers to be then we have a disempowered army.

6. “The whole earth (not just the church) will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of God.” Habbakuk 2:14. That must mean that it will take all of us.

BIG WORD of the week: SENT

Sent in most of our bibles is translated on many occasions from The greek word “apostolos”. The task of the Apostle is to equip the saints (Ephesians 4: 11-12) for the work of ministry. In other words every believer should know that they are SENT, because ministry is not just in the church but in the whole world.

BIG QUESTION of the week:

Where have you been ‘sent’, what have you been ‘sent’ to do, and what outcome have you been ‘sent’ to see happen?

DECLARATION of the week:

I am a SENT ONE, sent to bring heaven to earth wherever I go.