EPISODE 6. Anointed for Purpose

1. We are called Christians. Christ means Anoint. Christian is a word which can therefore mean ‘little anointed ones.’.

2. It is a mistake to think too highly of ourselves but equally to think too little of ourselves:

We are made in the image of God: (Let us make man in our image)

We are filled with the Holy Spirit

We have the mind of Christ

We have Christ in us the hope of glory

3. Jesus knew who he was, but he also knew what he came to do.

4. We are anointed with a purpose. Firstly through our identity to reveal the father & creator. Through what the gifts we carry, the passions we have and the opportunities we find.

5. Our lives are a discovery journey uncovering what we are here for.

6. The more we embrace our ‘anointing’, the more confident we become in stepping into scenarios and living out of our anointing.

7. Don’t limit this to ‘spiritual’ activities. There are anointed health care workers, teachers, artists etc. 

BIG WORD of the week: Anointed

BIG QUESTION of the week: What is it that you do, which you feel God ‘shows’ up for. It doesn’t have too be overtly ‘spiritual’.

DECLARATION of the week: I am anointed to change lives wherever I go.