(Companion worksheets to TBN Presents Paul Manwaring)

EPISODE 5. Identity & Purpose

1. Generations before us only needed to do two things to find their purpose in life. Look at their birth certificate and follow their Dad to work.

2. Jesus followed that simple approach: “I must be about my father’s business.” 

3. We are an identity generation. Perhaps more than any other generation we have spent time discovering our identity. This vital ingredient for purpose gives us the security to live out of the knowledge of who we are.

4. Sons of Issachar and the blessings of Jacob. I love the single verse in 1 Chronicles 12:32, where we see the tribe as understanding the times and knowing what to do. But for me that begins over 400 years before when Issachar received the blessing of Jacob, related to his identity.

5. Knowing we are greatly loved sons and daughters, will cause us to live from love not for love. That will give us freedom in what we do and what success and purpose are defined as.

6. Big People are needed in our world. Not in terms of strength, power, gifting and influence as much as people who know who they are, why they are alive, where they are going, and the influence their lives will have. It all starts with security of identity.

7. Jesus knew who he was. He was the ‘sent son’. He knew who he was, why he was alive, where he was going and the influence of His life. 

BIG WORD of the week:

IDENTITY: The knowledge of our God ordained relationship with Him resulting in a life of purpose which we live out as a result of knowing the Great I Am. When Jesus asked Peter: “Who Do You Say I Am?” little did Peter know that his answer would lead to Jesus telling Peter who He saw him to be.

Question of the week: Ask Jesus who he sees you to be.

Declaration of the week: I am a son/daughter of God the Father.