(Companion worksheets to TBN Presents Paul Manwaring)

EPISODE 3. Prophecy & Purpose

1. God speaks today. Our God came to earth as the ‘word’. He is a communicator. He speaks to us through the bible, the Holy Spirit, prophets, prophetic words, the still small voice, creation & nature, to name a few.

2. A prophetic word is an encounter with God who knows our future.

3. Prophecy needs a culture, an encouraging atmosphere and a place of faith to see prophetic words come to pass.

4. Prophecy creates tension, a beautiful tension. A tension between our current circumstances and the prophecied future. Keeping that tension alive is the walk of faith, believing what we have yet to see.

5. Prophecy is for everyone. It is God’s desire that we all prophecy. 

6. Prophecy can be as simple as giving an encouraging word and that is a great place to start.

7. A prophetic culture sees differently. It sees with heavens eyes. Start with changing the way you see. “What is right with the world.”

8. Caleb & Joshua observed the same as the other spies but what they saw was different.

9. Prophecy is influenced by the awareness of the goodness of God. Seeing him as a good father who gives gifts will change your expectation and affect how you hear him speak. He is for us and will ultimately deliver us.

BIG WORD of the week:

PROPHECY. Encouraging words, which build up and comfort. Foretelling and forth telling the plans, purposes and heart of God for individuals, people groups and organisations.

QUESTION of the week: What prophetic word do you carry which you would most like to see fulfilled in your life. Perhaps you don’t have one, in which case you may have a verse or phrase in the bible which answers this question.

DECLARATION of the week: “All your promises are Yes & Amen”