1. God is the author of purpose

Jeremiah 29:11

2. Being in His presence is the key to finding & knowing our purpose

Job 23: 3 – 6

3. We were created/born with an innate need to know why we are alive.

4. The simplicity of the garden. Walking with God (presence), made in His image (reproducing Him) is in our DNA. We cannot separate purpose from presence.

Genesis 3:8

5. Our faith is in a person. Many try and promote Kingdom & Christian values, the protection of creation, but omit the person. They are all good things but they must revolve around the King, the Christ, & the Creator.

6. Loss of purpose is the result of removing God, Christ, King, Creator, Holy Spirit from our lives.

7. Loss of purpose, begins a search, it may begin with the pursuit of destiny but it will always require the pursuit of God.

Romans 8:28

8. BIG WORD of the week. PRESENCE. 

In the bible the word for presence is often translated as face. Experiencing the presence of God is a game changer for our lives.

Psalm 16:11

The Psalmist connects the path of life to presence.

9. QUESTION of the week

What are you pursuing in this season & why?

10. DECLARATION of the week: 

“God will make known to me the path of life.”