We are a destiny generation, with a hunger to know why we are alive, and there couldn’t be a better time as we are surrounded by a world of change and opportunity. 

We find ourselves discovering the transition from the emphasis on church to kingdom through the church. Finding our spheres of influence and erasing any remaining evidence of a secular/sacred divide we are determined to live as Kings and Priests wherever we find our calling.

As individuals we realise that we are called to be world changers in our world, however ‘great or small’ that is.

The changing world includes a changing church, not losing its place but finding its apostolic mandate to be a place where people encounter God, become family and are trained and equipped to change their world. All of this has encouraged shifts in the way in which we express our beliefs in God and how we behave as a result. At the same time some diverse generations (X-Y-Z) find themselves alive at the same time, thinking and expressing themselves differently but with complimentary goals and desires.

The time is indeed ripe for revival and reformation and a rediscovery of beauty and creativity which is used to bring glory to God. Churchgoers used to being gathered and valued for what they did in the church now find themselves empowered and sent to make a difference. Embracing the freedom which Christ died for they are finding that it brings the increase prophesied long before Jesus that there would be no end to the increase of His government.

Son-ship and daughter-ship have become central to our lives and are the essential character of leaders. Pushing aside the lies which previously held them back, sons are becoming fathers, daughters becoming mothers and encouraging the next generation to go higher, farther and wider than the previous generation. There are even ‘Millennials’ who have become grandparents!

Recognising that the power of relationship can be harnessed in every area of life, we are learning to build lives around trust, honour, loyalty, and connection. In a social media dominated age, we are beginning to see that we need ‘genuine’ relationships more than ever.

With this freedom and relational encouragement discovering our unique purpose finds a place to be discovered and nourished. A generation who believe what God says about them and the way he has wasted nothing and got us ready is rising up and managing lives of passion, value for family and self awareness.

It is on the shoulders of a son that government is formed and it is not surprising that leading, managing and organising for kingdom purposes is finding both natural and supernatural benefit from bringing heaven to earth. Sometimes we have organised the life out of what God is doing but a more confident generation sees their gift as complimentary to the supernatural. The seen must always serve the unseen. It is time for increase, for multiplication and diversification. Opportunities are available for any who want to take their Kingdom leadership place and expand the borders and influence of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus taught us to pray ‘on earth as it is in heaven’ and that will always be a change assignment. Bringing change is the believers job description, from personal lives to reformation of society. Understanding the power of culture and specifically the culture of heaven starts with changing the way we think but ends with changed behaviour. The same culture can become a principle especially in the place of conflict and gives confidence to make heaven based decisions. Pursuing more of heaven on earth and bringing tomorrow into today can introduce us to disappointments, but the confidence of our beliefs enables us to protect revelation even when we don’t see all that we are believing for. Those points of tension actually provide us with access to energy to keep moving forwards.

Why we do what we do will be served by what we are building or forming but as we learn these kingdom dynamics we will overcome the temptations to reduce what we do to what can be seen and create cultures which bring growth, protection from harmful thinking and affect every part of our lives, organisations and teams.

Heaven is waiting to be brought to earth, age old principles of wine skins being flexible enough to carry new wine (ideas and innovations) in whatever form they come are alive with potential. This is our time, we were born for such a time as this and we have everything we need.