Faith is by its very nature connected to the unseen. The struggle of faith and with faith is very often that we lose sight of its nature. We allow ourselves to review our faith in the light of what we haven’t seen as a result of our prayers or what has happened to us.
Faith has eyes that can see what we cannot. Repentance changes the way we think, but faith changes the way we see. My friend Leif Hetland talks of seeing with heaven’s eyes. These are the apostolic eyes, seeing from the perspective of heaven.

As soon as we reduce our faith to the natural, the material, or the evidence we are in danger. The apostolic starts in the unseen of heaven and brings that to earth. Apostolic ‘moves’ of God may include practical and physical structures, organisations, and results but they cannot be reduced to only that. When that happens it results in form without power, a result which has often been seen in the history of the church.

The apostolic has faith at its heart. Faith is unscientific, yet it’s fruit will be measured scientifically even when it defies science. Faith is not dependent on mathematics or formulas, the amount of faith is not related to outcome, Jesus honours little faith & great faith.

Faith is above psychology and emotions yet its outcome will affect every part of our being. Faith is illogical, yet the wisdom received will confound the brains of the greatest philosophers & thinkers. Faith will not bow to the rules of earth, but will act in, through and with them.
FAITH is transcendent yet incarnate, above all yet through Jesus can be in us all. It is impossible to understand, yet impossible to live without. FAITH IS! Faith is I AM, rooted in the identity of the I Am who revealed himself to Moses and the I Am that is Jesus who revealed himself to us all. Faith is now but not yet, seen yet unseen, proven yet requires untested steps. No dictionary can define it, no rules can limit it, no argument can rob us of it, no scheme can transcend it, no obstacle can stop it, it IS.
It is therefore a characteristic of the apostolic & the prophetic. It must influence the preaching of the gospel by the evangelist and we must ensure that our teaching and pastoring is not relegated to what we see and experience rather than what we believe and have hope for.

The revelation that the Apostles & Prophets (apostolic & prophetic) are the foundation of the church is directly related to faith. The Apostle & Prophet operate in the unseen, their gifts are made evident by faith. The Apostle Paul wrote twice in his letter to the Romans of the obedience of faith. This sums up the tension but with it the necessity that the unseen work of faith must always be included.
Faith & the apostolic is an obvious partnership.