The Westminster Catechism is formed as a series of questions and answers. The first such question is: What is the chief end of man. The answer given is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever. Most would make that about worship and that is clearly correct but the question then should become what is worship.

I am not a singer, my wife has on occasions even asked me to stop singing but I am a worshipper. The test is not about the quality of my voice but about the condition and posture of my heart. For over 15 years nearly every meeting which I have attended has begun with worship and nearly always not merely a song or two but an extended time of experiencing the presence of God.

Learning a lifestyle The simplest test is to reflect on what rises up from your heart in the good times and the bad. Is there a song, an expression, is your life a daily offering given to him. You may have visited Bethel for a healing, for a conference or to live and I will guarantee that you will have experienced some of the best worship on earth, but the greatest question is not whether you enjoyed it but whether you left as a worshipper.

Our worship here on earth is our opportunity to do here what we will never get to do in heaven and that is to worship God in the midst of things which we do not understand.