Its been a while since I have written anything about praying for children with Downs Syndrome. I know that not every parent feels it appropriate and I will always honour their opinion. I never pray for a child with Downs syndrome without the parents consent and I always pray for the most distressing symptom.

My reason for writing a short blog is to share the incredible encouragement that I have received two testimonies related to praying for children in 2017. Both had speech difficulties and after prayer were able to speak more clearly. Both also experienced dramatic improvement in their ability to swallow, one case being confirmed by a therapist as a dramatic inexplicable improvement.

I find this so encouraging and I am sure that families of children with Downs syndrome will be encouraged also. Lets not stop praying for breakthrough, especially for those with distressing symptoms such as not being able to swallow normally or not being able to speak.

Our God is healer.

Matthew 21:21.