Believe Your Story; Fulfill your prophetic destiny.

Sitting on a plane returning from Prague and my 3rd Awakening Europe and one overwhelming thought dominates my thinking. “I feel at home amongst evangelists.”

I started this week sitting in a room with 20 evangelists, sadly mostly men (that is going to change) and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are my family. I love these men and women, their passion to share the gospel with everyone and everywhere is inspiring and challenging. To find myself at home is my journey, it is a beautiful surprise, they are the sons and daughters of the gospel, the dread champions. They live life and often live it full on but they also know how to have fun even though they can stop the fun in a heartbeat if there are souls to be saved.

This was the assignment which I would never have chosen on my own. The prophetic word of Mario Murillo in 2012 began this journey and I am in awe of how a prophetic word is an encounter with a God who knows my future and what is more the future world that the prophesied me will fit into. I love this journey.

Many of you know that word which I divide into three distinct parts:

1.I will preach in stadiums.

2.Raise up (father) young evangelists.

3.God will restore the reason why he brought me to Christ and His Kingdom.

It was in 2014 that Ben Fitzgerald took the risk of inviting me to Nuremberg and I will forever be grateful to him, somehow he saw that word being fulfilled in Europe with him. Nuremberg confirmed the word and took me next to Stockholm and now to Prague. Each one of these locations has been personal to me, not least Prague where my wife’s mother was born and her grandparents began their 60 year missionary career.

Before Prague, parts 1 & 3 have become clear as I have preached in stadiums and seen the purpose of my christian life gaining a focus. Nuremberg confirmed that I could walk out and preach to thousands, and Stockholm increased my confidence that I could find the words to speak to nations but Prague has shown me that raising up or fathering evangelists is to be one of the greatest pleasures of my life.

But to walk in destiny you have to own your story and press through the self doubt to take the prize.

To think that my self doubt might rob someone of the encouragement they need in their assignment causes me to want to smash that thought forever. Last week I hugged crying men and women who have 20, 30 or even 40 years of evangelistic ministry behind them. They are giants and I will never reach the number of their exploits but as I hugged them they told me that they had never felt loved, commissioned or believed in as an evangelist by a father. It was humbling but now I know that I cannot and more importantly must not stop. Self doubt could have stopped that.

These evangelists  have cried on my shoulder till my shirt was wet, looked me in eye until they felt that I believed them and gone out of their way for a few minutes of counsel. I am humbled.

I can take no credit, my past does not qualify me apart from a prophetic word, some courage and the encouragement of fathers, friends and sons and daughters in my life. I really don’t fully understand how I got here but I am so glad that I did.

But this is my story and my purpose is to encourage you on yours. To step up, step in and step forward into your prophetic destiny.

For me it was the self doubt which could have stopped me, by His Grace it hasn’t but I had some work to do. Don’t let self doubt stop you, don’t second guess yourself.

Well I’ve got this far so let me makes some suggestions which might help you:

Take your favourite prophetic word and ask yourself:

  • What does God need to do?
  • What can you do?
  • What fear do you need to overcome?

Having done that:

  • Create a declaration based on what God needs to do and declare it frequently.
  • Develop a simple plan of what you will do because you can and do it.
  • Take the Prophetic word and use it to fight your fear of the future, remembering that fear is to imagine a future without God and your prophetic word tells you that God is already there.

May you know the joy of stepping into your destiny and as I heard one of these evangelists preach, destiny is patient, it may take some time but that mustn’t stop you doing what you can do while you wait.