My Life; My Story; My Brand

I may have finally realized that my ministry expression and gift is diverse. Numerous modern day marketing inspired conversations have attempted to narrow down my ‘brand’ but generally to no avail. Then with one consultant I had an AHA moment, my life experience and my ministry is diverse and thats a good thing and its who I am.

My life experience has taken me from helping my parents in a small business, to a short stint in the fashion industry before starting a career in general and psychiatric nursing. I have saved lives and sat with people as they lost loved ones before ever entering the prison service where I would lock up those who had taken lives or save the life of someone trying to take their own life.

I have managed, led, administered and envisioned. I have encouraged the creatives and valued the cerebral. I have sat with governmental leaders and cried with broken, helpless and lost souls. I have watched my wife’s tears of the pain of infertility transform into the joy of a positive pregnancy test after a healing miracle and I have sat with parents in despair at the diagnosis of Downs syndrome. I have beaten cancer and encouraged others in their fight.

It is I conclude impossible for me to be narrowed down to a brand. I am me and I have a broad and unusual breadth of experience and skills gained during those experiences.

It is no wonder that I can teach on strategy or leadership. encourage the administrators and tell the world that the work of a surgeons hands is not a second class healing. Its the life which I have lived.

I’m a very proud father of sons and grandfather of grandsons who has had the privilege of performing the marriage service of daughters and even walking one down the aisle.

Life makes you who you are and I have experienced God in every one of these scenarios and many more and so my life is dedicated to serve mankind in whatever circumstance, opportunity or need that they find themselves.

I have painted, wood-turned and always carried a great camera, I am motivated by beauty and the discovery of beauty everywhere. I love to cook and to make great coffee, I love to serve it and to be served it.

I have investigated escapes and riots, taught as a hostage negotiator trainer and been called in to help to settle disputes and disagreements. I have served in crises and success alongside multiple denominations and have always loved the church but been grieved at the repeated dividing of the bride.

I’ll teach what you might ask me or minister out of what my father reveals and I know that he always shows up. I want to help you know who you are but I must help you to know who he is. I see my heavenly fathers interest in every area of life and I will always want you to be free, free to be you, unlocked from the prison of self doubt, inferiority or confusion.

I have told a woman that her husband is alive and not dead and I have told a prisoner he is a free man. It is the message we all must hear, we do not have to be dead but alive, we do not have to be prisoners but be free men.

I have discovered my destiny through prophecy, planning, providence pain and provision. I have carried a sense of a call all of my life but almost stumbled into it as I faithfully journeyed through life.

I have always read the bible, quoted scripture and loved the word but I know that it must all be summed up as the gospel of good news, salvation and the Kingdom.

This is my life and I love it and I want to help you, your family, organization, city, nation or continent to know who they are and who he is.

Love your life whether a single focus or one of great diversity I love my life in all of its variety and I want you to too.