A few years ago I began to teach and write on the subject of Divine Order. In the process i found that it is actually in the experience of tension which we can often access the energy to bring divine order into situations. Tension occurs in physical, emotional and spiritual life as well as the mechanical world. Well harnessed it is a force for good but left unrestrained it can cause harm.

My observation is that one outcome of political and religious spirits at work is polarization of beliefs and opinions and that innocent sharing of views and opinions can lead to the separation of people. Not only does this occur but the positions will more than likely keep on moving apart the more the issues are presented, especially where the debate is devoid of seeking to understand.

Allow me to illustrate with a hopefully safe and innocuous example. Supposing two people go to see a movie. Their opinion of it is fairly similar with one erring on dislike and the other erring on liking it. On the way out of the movie theatre or cinema they meet someone going to see another movie. That person then inquires of the movie which the two have just seen. At this point each one expresses their view and in the process they gradually in the process of supporting their position create more and more examples to justify their opinion and in the process their previously similar opinion has now been further polarized and can move to being quite wide apart.

Polarization is most evident in the area of beliefs and philosophies and these are often manifested in politics and religion.

Unwittingly we can engage in sharing an opinion which invites by default an opposing opinion. An exchange occurs and in the exchange just like the movie the opinions move further apart and sadly it is likely so will the people involved, especially if there is no physical interaction or relationship.

An opinion about something can quickly become an opinion about somebody and before long there is division, separation and dehumanization as the person with the now adamantly contrasting opinion must it seems be less of a human and thus disqualified from being a valued member of the species. Not only does their opinion not count but they do not count or at least they can end up feeling that way.

I was recently reading 1 Timothy 1:4 in the passion translation: “nor pay any attention to cultural myths, traditions, or the endless study of genealogies. Those digressions only breed controversies and debates. They are devoid of power that builds up and strengthens the church in the faith of God.”

Of course the context is slightly different but I suspect that the spirit to be engaged with is not. Breeding and feeding controversies and unmoderated debates does not access power to build up. On the contrary it is likely to tear down and destroy.

My heart is for a united bride, for continents in revival and nations in transformation. This requires that my perception is altered and that I am aware of the effect of presenting my opinion. It is not about having one but it is about the wise use of my position. This is especially true in the 2D world of social media. while it is possible to gather followers I am less sure of its ability to change someones opinion, on the contrary I more often see it creating polarization and separation.

My heart is to do what Paul said to Timothy, to pursue that which has power to build up and strengthen the church in faith in God.