Well two weeks has passed since leaving Redding, mainly spent with celebrating Christmas and New Year and enjoying family. We are also enjoying some crisp frosty mornings and sunny days with walks in and around Windsor.

Today we begin to get back into some familiar ministry rhythm at the annual Global Legacy European family gathering in Leicester. We are excited to see many friends from across the continent.

We received news today that our rental property is approved and so we will begin the process of moving in and buying beds, chairs and tables next week. Our container is processing through customs so it may still be a wait after we are able to move in.

All is going well. January will be busy but fun, I will post the itinerary soon on: www.paulmanwaring.com

February will see us in South Africa with Bill Johnson at the first Southern Africa Leaders Advance.

We appreciate prayer for our transition but are grateful for all of the love, prayers and support we have received so far.

Much Love

Paul & Sue