As I prepare to be ‘sent’ to serve Bethel, Global Legacy and The Kingdom of God in Europe I have been reflecting on these past 15 years spent at Bethel Church, Redding California.

The title comes from a prayer which Bill Johnson prayed over me over 13 years ago. His prayer was simply: “give him what he came here for.” And so the question arises: “Did I?”

Thousands have made a similar journey as we have. Some have come for a weekend or a conference, others attended BSSM for 1 – 3 years, some have stayed on after that and many have just moved here and made it their home.

And so the question is not just mine but everyone who has invested time and resources into making a journey to the unlikely revival destination of Redding.

Did you? Did you get what you came here for. One comment which many of us here make is that you may have come here for an event or perhaps to receive healing but you are more likely to experience a culture along with your healing or experience of the event.

I have been at Bethel for 15 years and these are 15 lessons which I have learned in those years.

Did you learn to worship?
Did you take care of your identity. You are a son or a daughter.
Do you believe your story?
Did you learn to embrace or live in mystery.
God is good.
Prophecy is powerful.
Faith, you always need to be facing the impossible.
Heaven’s government is family.
Live looking for the Gold
There should be no secular / sacred divide
Revival must lead to Reformation
Did you fall in love with the Gospel
I’m Apostolic
Be me.
Will you go home and stand up where you were brought up.