We thought that we would give a brief update of our ‘Return to Europe.” Following the announcement of our being ‘sent’ by Bethel to Europe our plans and preparations have continued, gaining momentum and becoming more and more real as we approach the end of the year.

We will be living in Windsor and attending Kerith in Bracknell in the mornings and CtF, Wembley in the evenings when we are not traveling. We have grown to love Kerith and watched our son and his family become a part of a vibrant and city transforming family. Stu & Chloe Glassborow as many of you know are very close friends and we are constantly nourished by the Toronto/Catch the Fire Stream.

Our calendar for 2017 is beginning to fill up with many exciting opportunities. We will be at Bethel at least 3 times next year for the medical healing conference, deployment week and the 2 Leaders advances.

Above all we are excited and hono(u)red by the response and sense of welcome which we are receiving from so many across Europe.

These are great days to be alive. We feel a little like Joshua and Caleb, we have seen the fruit and it looks big and we have looked at the enemy and compared to our God it is not at all big.

We will be in the UK for Christmas and will start 2017 at our favorite event in Leicester with our European friends and family.

Our house is close to the final stages of a confirmed sale, we are preparing to send some possessions in a container and to shed a few tears. I am beyond grateful to my remarkable wife who has now moved our home 12 times with grace and efficiency.

Please pray for us:

  • That we find the perfect apartment to rent in Windsor.
  • That we have wisdom for our new assignment.
  • That we bring with us everything we came to Bethel for.

These are wonderful days to be alive. We believe that Europe Shall be Saved. ESBS! We have so many great friends in Europe, men and women who have given their lives to a continent and we are honored to partner with them and call them friends.

Paul & Sue Manwaring