Sue & I have some VERY exciting news!

We are going home to England.

Since 2001 Bethel and Redding California have been our home and the source of many changes and developments in our lives. Many of you have known us for all or most of these 15 years and you have loved us, believed in us and cheered us on. Of course none more so than Bill and Kris, to whom we are forever thankful beyond words. It was a journey which began in the turmoil of 9.11 and yet has truly been a blessed one. Strangely our plans to return are finalized during such a dramatic week in the UK. Two major decisions it seems have been bookended by world events, at least we wont easily forget! We are excited and believe that it is no coincidence.

In the last 4 years and specifically 18 months there has been a new transition in our hearts and ministry and many of you have commented on this or even asked us directly when we are moving back to Europe. This change of direction really began in February 2012 with the prophetic word from Mario Murillo which in turn took Paul to Reinhard Bonnke’s school of evangelism and to Nuremberg and Awakening Europe. From there we have been given many opportunities to partner and serve with European brothers and sisters to see Revival, Reformation and Renaissance in the continent of Europe. The sound of this has become almost overwhelming in the number of people asking us to come home as a father and mother in Europe.

Along these lines we have also received significant and specific public prophetic words as well as private ones and people sharing dreams they have had about us regarding Europe. Our dreams are now very big.

So now with great excitement and a little trepidation we are being SENT OUT from Bethel to continue to serve Bethel and Global Legacy with an emphasis on Europe. This will include encouraging our alumni  and pursuing our sense of call in ministering throughout Europe. The details of this have not been finalized but we will not be leaving, we will remain on staff and be sent to serve out of a UK home.

We believe that the time is right for us to take this step of faith and move back home to Windsor, England and from there focus much of our attention on ministering in Europe, which of course includes the UK. We will not have a role or ‘job’ in a church as such but we will be looking for a family to be a part of.

This is not an easy decision, we will leave our son and daughter in law Larissa & Luke here in America and experience separation from them but we go with their love and blessing.

We know that it is time for another step of faith with a God who has never let us down before and so we will transition to being based in Windsor from 1.1.17

There are no words to explain what these 15 years have meant to us, they have literally saved our lives, changed us and opened doors which we had never dreamed of. Bethel will always be our family and we will be returning for both Leaders Advances each year and possibly other events.

It will be our privilege and honor to be  part of expanding the influence of the message and culture of Bethel representing the core desire to bring Heaven on Earth and demonstrate and teach the Goodness of God for the rest of our lives. We have never found a better one. It is hard to imagine not being an active part of the Senior Team on a daily basis but we also know that we are ‘sent’ and there is are few things more precious to us than having the weight of our Bethel family behind us.

We will continue to accept invitations to travel and minister around the world and continue this wonderful Kingdom journey with so many of you. We will attend Global Legacy gatherings around the world to continue to encourage. equip and connect with our friends and fellow leaders and due to this change we hope to be more readily available.

The coming months will be filled with the practical task of moving home 5600 miles, transitioning Paul’s role and far too many ‘see ya laters’. We will approach it with excitement and commitment to not leave loose ends or uncertainties.

We covet your continued prayers and encouragement, we didn’t ever plan an itinerant life style but it is the step which we believe we are being asked to take, trusting God in this. God has spoken, our hearts have been turned to a new season, we have big dreams and amazing people wanting us to work alongside them.

  • Please pray for our practical transition
  • Please pray for Luke
  • Please pray for clarity of what doors to walk through and which to pass by
  • Please pray for a home and the necessary provision that is required
  • Please pray for Global Legacy, the team and the future of this ministry

What a God we serve. He really is good. In fact he’s better than that!

Paul & Sue