The secular-sacred divide is likely to have contributed to a dilemma I experienced while writing this book: do I use the word administration in the title of this series? Is the use of this word in titles of teachings, books, and conferences going to attract interest or is it so associated with non-spiritual, repetitive, and possibly boring tasks that few will get past the title?

This is the legitimate and very real question I ask myself, and that others ask me as well. The word administration has been, in my view, downgraded, ill-defined, and at times demonized as the cause of the loss of momentum in revivals, organizational failure, and much more. The accusation that administration has ended moves of God, while it may at least be true in some in- stances, saddens and disappoints me. I am intent on seeing this gift restored to its true value so that it may play its role as a great contributor to future revival history. Rather than describing a boring, repetitive, and non-spiritual gift, I intend to reveal ad- ministration as the life-giving and essential gift for revival and re- formation that it is.