Have you ever been referred to as a ‘jack of all trades, master of none?’ It’s meant to be a compliment but can often feel like a curse! It is actually a lie that needs to be killed. We value specialists over generalists, without understanding that the generalist has a unique ability to see through multiple lens and lead out of that ability. If this sounds like you, guess what – you have the gift of administration, which is the gift of government and encompasses skills and abilities to both lead and manage well.

Administration is misunderstood and undervalued, so consider this: the highest forms of government require the gift of administration to make high-level decisions. The best Presidents, Prime Ministers and Kings need to be able to see through the eyes of each of their Cabinet or counsellors and learn from their perspectives before making decisions. They all have right-hand men or women who interpret multiple streams of information and concisely summarise it, and provide recommendations and strategies for the way forward.

In the church, the ability to see through the eyes of each of the five-fold is invaluable. Even more so are the men and women who can steward the resources of people, finance and time to see the church move forward and therefore the Kingdom advance into all spheres of society. The body of Christ is built upon pillars of men and women who are Spirit-filled, Scripture-soaked, apostolically-minded burning ones and can plan, manage, strategise, steward and lead. This is why I call administrators ‘the Forgotten Reformers.’