As I outlined in my previous post, we all have what I call a ‘gift bag’. It is unique to us, and made up of our gifting’s, abilities and talents. I want to encourage you that your bag can always grow bigger! To develop as leaders, we should always be looking to ‘gear up’ – that is, increase the effectiveness and potency of our gifting’s and aptitudes.

Spending time with those more anointed than us will definitely help us grow. We receive an impartation from them as we hang around them. It doesn’t even matter what the anointing they carry is; just get time with people you recognise have something you want. Watch them and learn from them. Ask them questions. See if they will observe you operating in your gifting and give you feedback. All of these steps will help you grow in the gifting God has given you.

God wastes nothing and He gets us ready. For me, He used my various seasons of work to shape and develop my gifting. I’ve worked in a post office, menswear fashion, nursing and prisons before I ever worked for Bethel church. But I learnt skills and abilities unique to those environments that prepared me for what I am doing today. We are all in fulltime ministry; the only difference is where we draw our paycheque from.

We are all gifts to the sphere of influence God has placed us. He has put within us talents and gifts and we need to know and recognise those. As we know ourselves, we know our gifts and we therefore learn our strengths. This empowers us to serve and minister to those around us, just as He wants. That’s why He has placed us in the environment he has; we not only have something to learn, but we have something to give.

Don’t be tempted to think you have to endure today to get to tomorrow. We are in our destiny now! Jesus was in his destiny when he was in the manger; when he was a young boy in the temple; as he worked as a carpenter. He knew who he was, what was he was there to do and where he was going.

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you going?

In the meantime, fill up your gift bag! Be intentional about growing in the areas you want; get time with people who are better at it than you! Become a master in your gifts and abilities; be the best you can possibly be! Learn what you can where you are from those around you. Be an apprentice and study your craft. Get coaching! It takes a high level of discipline and practice but if we take the posture of a lifelong learner, our gift bag will never be empty.

Our destiny is not so much a destination but a journey. Every season can add to and equip us. Let’s be people who continually seek to grow in giftedness and ability. What’s your plan to ‘gear up?’

This post is part of a series on Leadership Essentials, which can be purchased in audio or video format here.