Are you a CEO, senior leader, manager or administrator? Then you need the gift of administration.

Strangely, despite that the fact that in the senior eschalons of corporate business the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) is a sought after qualification the title of Administrator has in some circles been reduced to filing, typing, running errands and organizing events. Essential though these tasks are they are not in my view the descriptors of administration. Coupled with this administration has been attributed for causing many of the problems in churches and other organizations and it can sound like something which drains the life out of an organization rather than bringing life to it.

In simple terms the word administer can be phrased as Add to those who minister. That might not be its etymology but it is a helpful word picture. In fact it gives an incredible perspective, it is a servant gift but when the gift becomes an end in itself it does what it is often accused of and that is take the life out of an organization. Take Health Care in many countries, it is often accused of being administratively top heavy, I suspect that the real problem is that the administration has stopped serving the spirit of the organization, which is health and it has turned into serving itself which is bureacracy.

It is time to redefine it and see it and those who carry the gift valued as the leaders they are!