This was a prophetic word given to me a few years ago. My journey since receiving it has been one of realizing that there are many dimensions to this word. In the first instance it is personal to me and may also be for you. If this is your gift or you lead, manage or administrate then I believe that as I have done that there is an invitation to embrace this gift as yours. It’s time has truly come, it is by no means a second class gift or a non spiritual one. I can assure you that as you embrace the gift not only will you come alive in your gift and begin to see it as an essential ministry but you may find that in valuing the gift you have that God trusts you with other new gifts.

Secondly it’s time has come for your organization. Leading and managing change and steering organizations to God given visions is essential in this fast moving age of opportunity in which we live. The more you realize the supernatural ministry of administration the more you will see the potential impact it has to bring heaven to earth.

Thirdly it’s time has come because we live in the days of the greatest change and opportunity in our world. Population growth and innovative ideas and progress are an open door for Kingdom minded stewards or administrators.

Administrators, leaders and managers, this gift is natural and supernatural and it’s time has come for you, your organization and your world.