I took because I wanted, only asked what I was owed
The world was out there waiting, so much fun I’d never known
Yeah, I started on my journey, what’s my father gonna say?
My life was mine, I’d live it, in my own entitled way!

Man, it started out so wildly, why’d I not do this before?
Always living in such safety, all it did was make me bored,
But you know, just when you’re thinking that it’s all under control,
There’s the moment when you realize, you’re digging your own hole

See, the world is so erratic, first its up and then its down
And I’d wasted all my riches, didn’t even own my crown
So I joined with this old stranger, and while feeding all his swine
Well, my mind, it started wandering to the home I’d left behind

Could it be that my inheritance was more than cash in hand’?
Did I run from my own calling ’cause I didn’t understand?
Could it be that life’s true riches are found where you’re meant to be?
There was only one solution, for myself, I had to see

So I started on the journey, first a walk and then a run
But I’d go there in repentance, as a servant, not his son
Look, there’s no way he’d accept me, after all I’d done before
The most I could expect? He’d let me crawl back through the door

Then the moment, there I saw it, my old house there in the mist
There was someone fast approaching, ‘Oh, now what on earth is this?’
Well, my heart was really pounding, when I realized it was dad
‘Cause my mind was fast recalling all the reasons he’d be mad

Then it came, the big collision, apprehended by his grace
We are falling, he’s embracing, heaven’s joy is in his face
I’m amazed and I’m confused, and I can hardly say a thing
And he’s calling to his servants, ‘quick, his robe, his shoes, his ring!’

Wow, the banquet was amazing, should’ve seen the people jive
And the theme for such extravagance? ‘The prodigal’s alive’!
Oh, my brother was indignant, till dad brought us both indoors
Taught us, ‘legacy’s for building, listen, all I have is yours’

Well, some time has passed and here I am, restored, none of it earned
And perhaps you might be wondering just what it is I’ve learned
Don’t be fooled, you know, in moments, I can miss what’s left behind
Hey, it takes some time for folks to shake the earth from feet and mind

So then; ‘life’, it flows through honoring your fathers, gone before
And real freedom, well it’s so much more than walking out the door
Listen, destiny’s not always found by throwing out what’s old
Your inheritance increases when you’ve value for its gold

I’ve just one more thing for sharing, then I guess my tale is done
Did you know this all began with an eternal Father-Son?
From that moment to eternity, this model’s strong to run
Let all generations know, the greatest sum is always one!