As 2012 began, I was very aware of it being a year when I expected to experience something new regarding government, administration, or order. Twelve being the number of government, and that being a theme which I teach about, I thought that there may be something specific for me this year regarding this theme. I am not saying that there wasn’t anything, but what I do want to say is that this year will be remembered by me for another reason, and although it fits perfectly with government, it was not what I expected. By now many of you will know what this theme is as you may have listened to a message I gave on Luke 15, or heard my recent message called “Encounters,” which changed me. The subject is evangelism, and the outcome for me is a completely renewed passion for the simplicity and power of the gospel and the assignment of Evangelism.

Evangelism in 2012 began with a prophetic word from Mario Murillo and has included attending Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism. It is my prayer and belief that life will never again be the same: the gospel is more real to me than ever, and I am having more fun preaching and teaching than ever before.

What was your 2012 characterized by?