What a year it has been, a summer of jubilee and sport.

In June of this year, as my wife and I travelled from Scotland through England, Wales, and back to London, we were so encouraged by everything we heard, saw, and experienced. We love our homeland, and the more time we are away and the more friends and visits we make, the more we love it and desire the best for it.

As we travelled, I shared a prophetic word. It began with a prophecy that Beni Johnson gave about bells. As we watched the jubilee and saw the bell on the barge, we knew that Beni’s word had significance. The word I shared was that we, as a nation, got our song back. And then later in the year, we saw another bell in the olympic stadium. The bell is the sound of Europe, it is the historic call to worship. We got our song back.

Secondly, I shared that when I left the UK, the Union Jack was considered a symbol of racism. Staff in the prisons of England were not allowed to wear it on their uniform as it was feared it would intimidate, even though prison staff uniforms were the uniform of Her Majesties Prison Service. How sad this was to me, especially when I arrived in the USA just after the tragic events of 9/11. The stars and stripes were everywhere, a nation united against a common enemy. So it has been my delight to see how, with the events of the Jubilee and the Olympics, the Union Jack is proudly displayed all over the country.  The UK has it’s flag back.

While in the UK in June, everywhere I went, I shared that we have our identity back. Yes we have. I also observed how we carry a renewed affection for royalty. And now I believe we should pray that we get our assignment back. It is the message of the goodness of God.