Here is a short introduction on how to purchase and attend webinars on

In the menu you will find the item “webinars”. It has a drop down submenu. One item in the submenu is the “how to”. That is the page you are reading right now.

The other submenu item is the “webinar schedule”. When you visit the schedule you will see a list of all webinars that are presently planned. Usually they are part of a series of webinars which can be recognized by the titles. When you click on a single webinar-event you will be taken to a page containing all Information about the specific webinar. From there you can also purchase the webinar.

To attend the webinar after purchase you first need to log in using your credentials. Then simply get back to the single webinar-event page (go to the webinar-schedule and select the single webinar-event you want to attend). You’ll notice that the information will have changed. Now you will find the Zoom-Link and password required to attend the webinar as well as downloadable material if needed.

We Hope this little instruction is helpful. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate contacting us.