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Sent & Send

This is my invitation to you to access the wide range of resources and equipping which I have been teaching for many years. Countless people have been challenged and transformed by it, and they always ask for more access to it and me. I will help you find personal or organisational purpose, value, strategy and direction. You were born to bring kingdom transformation to your world, personal, family, work, and church.

The Content

Subscription Includes:

  • Monthly ‘live’ SENT and SEND School
  • Access to All Existing Resources (excluding books)

Also Includes:

  • Closing worship Training
  • Apostolic Strategic Planning

Roll Out of New Video Series:

  • Apostolic Masterclass (4 episodes)
  • Things fathers Do (16 episodes)
  • Empowering Leadership (4 episodes)
  • Sent (12 episodes)