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Whiteboard Coaching & Training to Coach

He Wastes Nothing and Gets You Ready

  • Do you want to know the next step in your life?
  • Do you want to help coach others to their next step?
  • Is your world chaotic, full of choices and you don’t know what to do?
  • Do you feel stuck in life?

£100 for 8 interactive training-sessions & access to the recordings & worksheets afterwards.

Do you want to know what your next step in life is or help someone else to know theirs?

God Wastes Nothing and He Gets You Ready. This is my life motto based on Romans 8:28

This is a great truth, that God uses absolutely everything in our lives, the good, the less than good, and the seemingly wasted times. But he is redeemer and he breathes life into our lives and the lives of everyone who believes in Him.

This training & coaching course is for:

  • People who need help taking the next step on their life’s journey
  • People who want to help coach others to find the next step on their journey
  • People who want to change the way they think and see life through the lens of: He wastes Nothing
  • People who struggle to make choices, are stuck in a pattern of chaos, or are confused about life’s journey
  • People who want to grow in the confidence of ‘Believing their story.’

This 8 week series will lead you on a journey of discovery, breakthrough, insight and next steps. God will use every part of your life and your unique story, fit them together and use them for His purposes and Glory. Even things done or learnt 10, 20, 30 years ago he uses

This is not just about coaching, this is a method developed from biblical principles and grown in relationship and experience of the Holy Spirit.
There is an impartation in the training and coaching, faith to believe that He wastes nothing in your life too. This is not just a journey of our discovery but also of discovering more of the nature of God as redeemer and as a result of that coaching others too.

And the fruit will be that you believe your story, giving you authority and confidence for the next steps of your life journey and those that you coach or advise.

I have been using and demonstrating this coaching method for over 10 years and continually see people experience life changing moments and revelations.

I am so excited to invite you to my first ever training course in White Board (Next Steps) Coaching & Training.

Webinar Schedule

All Webinars start at 1800 UK Time and end at 1915 UK Time

Date Theme
February 1st 01. An Introduction
February 8th 02. Practical Demonstration
February 15th 03. Believing your story
February 22nd 04. Unpacking the method- Part 1
March 1st 05. Unpacking the method- Part 2
March 8th 06. The Next Step Journeys
March 15th 07. Practical Demonstration – II
March 22nd 08. My Guidelines for Successful Coaching

To participate in this FIRST White Board Coaching Series follow the link below. After purchase you will be able to log in to the website and access the course and the webinar links.

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