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Sue & I were sent by the Fathers of Bethel to Europe at the end of 2016.

The transition back to Windsor, London, UK, and Europe has been wonderful. In addition to ‘being sent’ we have sensed over the last few months an assignment related to being sent. The best way we can describe it is that first we were sent and now we are to bring Bethel home.

There is an experience that we and many others have had by being at or greatly influenced by Bethel and the team there. We want to acknowledge that and continue to live out of the impact that Bethel has had on our lives and more importantly we want it to continue to grow.

Before we go any further let us clarify a couple of things. Firstly, we are not starting or planting a church or a network. Secondly, we know that it is fundamentally about pursuing the things of the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is not, therefore, about Bethel and yet it is. It is, because Bethel is a spiritual home and place of refreshing for us. A place, experience and way of life which honestly saved our lives, changed our lives and gave us a new way of life. We are forever grateful. Yet it is about the Kingdom which Jesus brought, taught, demonstrated, and commissioned us to pursue.

We want to maintain this expression of the christian life, pursuing Kingdom and so we want to begin by occasionally gathering, to encourage and equip those who feel the same.

We are inviting Global Legacy, BLN (Bethel Leaders Network), BSSM alumni and anyone else who has visited or been blessed by Bethel, their teachings and influence from that house.

Some of the themes we want to talk about are:

  • The ‘big’ take aways from Bethel
  • Bringing what we learned into the culture of our lives, work & church
  • Understanding the context and timeline of our British/European culture in relation to Kingdom.

We don’t know where this will lead, we have many ideas, but we are excited to move forwards together. The ticket price on eventbrite is purely to cover the cost of putting on this event.

We are grateful to the team which is beginning to gather to support us in this venture.

With love & anticipation

Paul & Sue Manwaring

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