Do you believe YOUR story?

Do you want to know how to walk in the confidence that He wastes nothing, and He gets you ready?

Are you in need of some focus as we come out of this strange season?

I am very excited to launch The Whiteboard (Next Step) Coaching webinar series. 

This 8 week webinar series, starting on February 1st is the result of patiently testing out the method & principles.

For over 10 years I have been teaching and demonstrating this model of coaching which I developed using Kingdom principles, The Holy Spirit, Coach Training, varied life experience, and the heart of a father.

What I know is that this simple method works. I am still in contact with individuals who have had a coaching session with me, many on a stage in front of 1,000 students, and they tell extraordinary stories of breakthrough.

I can confidently tell you that you too will get a breakthrough. If life seems chaotic, there are too many choices, you feel confused about the next step, or you feel paralysed and stuck in life. This method will unlock you, bring clarity, and give you a clear next step.

I will guide you to a next step in your life, leading to breakthrough and more than that I will equip you to do the same for others.

These 8 x 75 minute sessions will be recorded and available after the series has ended, together with access to a set of worksheets and instructions which will guide you through the process.

Every time I have demonstrated this I have been asked if there are resources available. Well up until now, there weren’t but now there are.

The Curriculum.

1. Introduction, purpose, and principles of He Wastes Nothing & Gets You Ready and Believing Your Story.

2. A Practical Demonstration.

3. The Power of Believing Your Story.

4. The first 5 Key Discovery Stages.

5. Three more Discovery Stages.

6. The End Plan: 5 Journeys.

7. A Second Demonstration Leading to Identifying Themes & Journeys.

8. Whiteboard Coaching Guidelines & Commissioning.

I have known people pay large sums of money to receive coaching and so I know that the £100 investment in this course is a relatively small one which will keep on paying back to you and will equip you to help others on their journey.

To sign up for this webinar series click on the link below: 


I look forward to seeing many of you on the webinar series. I really can promise you that you will not be disappointed.

For those interested I am planning similar webinar series later in the year:

Whiteboard (Organisational) Coaching Series.

Personal Discovery Series.

Desk Top Strategic Planning Series.