It is with excitement that I introduce you to the title under which my teaching and training ministry will be made available.This is a work in progress so please be a little patient with me.

Two themes of Jesus are particularly important to me. The first is relationship. It was Jesus who taught us to pray ‘our father’ and that means that we are family. Secondly that in the same way that Jesus was sent by the father he sends us. John 17:18. Although there are many more things I could say these two themes led me to the title Apostolic Families. We are family and we are sent (apostolic).

Apostolic Families is therefore an expression of my passions in ministry which can be summed up in two ways. I am passionate about the church and equipping leaders in the church in order that she be everything that God intends for her. And of course in particular have healthy relationships, creating community in which we all are able to thrive.

From that community we are all sent. There is for me no first and second class callings, no secular sacred divide. We are all sent and empowered to participate in seeing His Kingdom Come, whoever we are, whatever we do, wherever we go.

I want to help the church to be a place of belonging, encountering, equipping, celebrating, and sending so that those who are a part of the bride of Christ have everything that they need to bring about change and transformation in their spheres of influence.

Apostolic Families is the umbrella under which I will be developing and releasing:

Revival Leadership Live School for church teams:

  • Practical & Supernatural Revival Leadership. (launching April 2019)
  • Practical & Supernatural Revival Leadership. On line Schools:


  • Introductory Core Curriculum for world changers & history makers. (designed as an introduction for everyone)
  • Leading Change in a Changing World Leading in Life (we are all leaders)
  • He Wastes Nothing (maximising life’s journey)
  • Things Fathers Do Book and e-course Podcasts

Underpinning all that I do are these core beliefs:

  • There is no difference between secular and sacred work assignments
  • We are therefore all in ministry
  • We are all leaders, from leading ourselves to leading nations.

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I look forward to sharing more with you.