I recently taught on Culture to first year students attending Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Here is an outline of my teaching notes; I hope you find them helpful.


1. Why did you come to Bethel?

What did you want to see, learn or experience?


2. What do you think Culture is?


3. Definition: What is Culture?

“The way we do things around here.”

Stories we tell ourselves about ourselves.

The software of the mind.

Culture is the beliefs, traditions, practices and daily actions by which a people group cope with their world.


4. Illustrations

Petri-dishes provide an environment for a culture to grow in. Scientists calculate what they want to grow.

Umbrellas protect our existing culture from adverse external factors.

Both illustrate aspects of the role of culture.


5. Bethel Culture:

Include, but not limited to:

Prophetic Culture

Culture of Honor

Culture of Sonship

Goodness of God


6. Core Values

Core Values must be evidenced by lived out behavior to create a culture.

We must have Core Values with behavior AND behavior with Core Values.


7. Creating Culture:

Values, Technology, Product Development, Globalization

Let’s focus on core values, which:

Demonstrate our values – show what is important to us

Show themselves through lived out behavior – our actions reveal our core values

Create Culture – repeated behaviour will create a culture, both individually and corporately.


8. The Power of Culture:

You came for an event, experience (a healing school) and you found a culture

If you have ever bought an iPhone, you also got a culture – think of the values of Apple.


9. So What?

Jesus told us to pray “On earth as it is in heaven”

In effect, we are to pray and live to make earth like heaven.

We want the culture of heaven to change the culture of earth.

This is what Apostolic ministry is – seeking heaven on earth.

This apostolic desire therefore determines what our apostolic assignment (mission) and our apostolic distinctives (core values, and therefore culture) is.


10. BSSM Core Values:

God is good

Salvation Creates Identity

Responsive to Grace

Focused on His Presence

Creating Healthy Families

God’s Word Transforms

God is Still Speaking

Jesus empowers Supernatural Ministry

His Kingdom is Advancing

Free and Responsible

Honor Affirms Value

Hope in a Glorious Bride


11. How do I Do It?

Think about the BSSM Core Values in every aspect of what you do in BSSM. The journey is:

Head knowledge (I know it);

Heart knowledge (I believe it);

Personal Culture (It’s part of my daily life)


12. A Culture of Culture

The journey of Christlikeness – becoming more and more like Him, with His culture.

Romans 12:2 (Phillips): ‘Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould’

Apostolic vs. Denominationalism

Head to heart to daily behavior


13. Summary:

This is the culture you are a part of.

As we understand we grow, renewing the mind.

As we grow we influence the culture around us.


14. The mission is Revival: personal, regional and global.

We achieve this through ‘Cultural Transformation’ – bringing heaven to earth.

We owe the world an encounter with the culture of heaven