Things Fathers (& Mothers) do. 32 & Counting!

On Sunday 29th June I preached a message about fathers. I had just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Brasil for the World Cup with my youngest son Luke.

The message is available as a podcast at:

I thought that some might like to have the list of the 32 points.


  1. Fix things. ( God heals)
  2. Believe in their children
  3. Show children the world
  4. Help children discover what they love
  5. Show them how to love their wives
  6. Give permission to go into all the world
  7. Bless
  8. Provide
  9. Serve their family
  10. Create culture
  11. Create memories
  12. Set standards of truth
  13. Introduce their children
  14. Love unconditionally
  15. Celebrate their children
  16. Give identity
  17. Teach and model thankfulness
  18. Change the ‘orphans’ request for more from a root of lack to an awareness of abundance
  19. Teach beauty & mystery
  20. Give direction, safety & freedom
  21. Don’t envy their children
  22. Show and model affection & healthy emotions
  23. Put relationship first
  24. Create opportunities
  25. Send sons higher, further, wider 7 deeper than they have gone themselves
  26. Raise favourites by ‘knowing’ their children
  27. Give inheritance & leave a legacy
  28. Are willing to pay a price
  29. Aren’t afraid to show weaknesses
  30. Don’t burden children before they are ready
  31. Create a JOY FULL FAITH FULL & THANK FULL culture
  32. Redeem lost years and bear shame.