We are alive at an extraordinary time in history, even before the Corona Virus crisis, there was every reason to believe that we are on the verge of something extraordinary.

This series unpacks a number of subjects which are related to these themes which are evident in our world, church and believers today:

  • An Apostolic Move of God
  • Experiencing and Believing for Revival
  • The Desire for Destiny
  • Supernatural Schools
  • Spheres/Mountains of Influence
  • Inner Healing
  • A Desire for Reformation
  • Questioning the Church
  • A Changing World

It is my belief that all of these elements converge at ‘such a time as this,’ and are related to each of the following.

KEY LEARNING POINT: In this session you will see that many of the things which you are experiencing, believing for, and planning are connected at this time.